Meadow Dragonfly


  • Crystals: Opalite, Green Fuschite, Green Aventurine, Peridot, Rhodochrosite, Hematite
  • Herbs/flowers: Chamomile Flowers, Elderflowers, Dill, Raspberry Leaves
  • Background Colour: Buttermilk
  • Size: 23x 30 cm

The Dragonfly captures a feeling of lightness, magic and beauty. With its luminescence and translucent wings, it adds both a sense of hope yet mystery to anyone journeying through their life, following the path unfolding in front of them step by step.

The Dragonfly will help you to take a step at a time a day at a time and to understand and see clearly the beauty around you. They will help you to break the illusions and gently lift you to a higher place on higher ground where all will become clear, your progress no longer impeded and assistance given to help you transform.

The meadow Dragonfly will also remind you to stay grounded nurturing yourself with the healing energies of Mother Earth.

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