Archangel Chamuel - Small


  • Crystals: Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Mica
  • Size: 20 x 20 cm
  • Backround Colour: Pale Pink
Archangel Chamuel helps us to uncover the loving lessons behind challenges we experience in life. She helps us to open our hearts to unconditional love and acceptance of ourselves and others. She helps us to be more compassionate and to appreciate there are many perspectives we can view life from life.

She will gently assist you through any conflict of the heart - wiping your tears, gently rocking you to sleep and soothing your aches and pains. She is the arm around us in times of a needed hug.

She works wonders in gently healing the heart of emotional wounding - be that of rejection, betrayal, loss, abandonment, conflict, disputes or bereavement.

She helps to guide us into a reality that best suits our gifts, skills and abilities.

She will also assist you to attract and develop a healthy soulmate romantic relationship.

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