Twinflame - Red and White


  • Crystals: Garnet, Quartz, Selenite, Citrine, Aquamarine, Rose Quartz, Snow Quartz
  • Background Colour: Buttermilk
  • Size: 30 x 40 cm
Twin Flames - also called Twin Souls, are literally the other half of our soul. We each have only one twin and generally once they have been split, they go their separate ways - incarnating over and over to gather human experience before coming back together. Ideally, when reuniting - this happens in both their last lifetimes on the planet so they can ascend together.

Each twin is a complete soul and their task is to become more complete by balancing their feminine and masculine sides and ideally become enlightened before reuniting with their twin.

This is a far deeper relationship than a soulmate relationship. Once reunited, the ego layers are gradually peeled away, recognition sparks and a connection is almost simultaneous. 

Sparks may fly (in a fun, positive way) or there may simply be a deep joy, love and feel of much waited for relief! 

Sit with this picture to help connect with your Twin Flame - wherever he or she is.

You may wish to hold and honour the energy of your Twin Flame close to you. In your home or sacred space. 

The Garnet and Snow Quartz represent both heaven and/on earth and the crown and the root chakra. The tear drop holding the flaming candle represents the 'one' soul. The diamond protection and the Selenite above represents the higher love and divine guidance being received.

A wonderful gift to offer your Twin Flame - if you are one of the few re-united on the planet.

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