Peace Symbol Pack


  • Crystals: A choice of stones : Quartz, Onyx, Amber or Multi-coloured Agate
  • Herbs: A choice of flowers: Jasmine, Heather, Hibiscus or Mixed multi-coloured flowers
  • Size: 20 x 20 cmx
  • Background Colour: Colour of your choice

Peace in our minds, creates peace in our heart creating peace in our homes and lives. A peaceful heart and mind creates world peace silently but surely. A subtle but effective picture which speaks a thousand words and reminds you to breathe and stay centred.

Amethyst crystal helping to calm the mind, raise the spirit and help to release tension. Jasmine flowers for protection, relaxing and inner peace.

Make some space, play some soothing music and lose yourself in your creativity all whilst receiving the healing infusion of flowers and crystal energies.

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