Divine Reflection Pack


  • Crystals: Rose Quartz, Quartz and Opalite
  • Herbs: Blue Mulva, Jasmine, Rose Buds
  • Size: 30 x 40 cms
  • Background Colour: Your choice of colour

Divine Reflection is a sacred mandala given by the Archangel Metatron to assist us in recognising the Divine Reflection in each other and of the letting go of judgements we hold against others. As we peel back the layers of illusion and recognise every time we point a finger of blame at another person, we are failing to embrace that shadow within ourselves - and that true spiritual growth comes when we turn that finger around and look inside ourselves for which ever perceived fault, behaviour or issue needs healing.

This mandala therefore, is a healing tool to bring and/or restore harmony in our relationships with others. It is an ego eradicator as we gradually learn to let go and allow the revealing of our true selves to take place. It holds Divine teachings which are transmitted to bring deep soul level understanding of the lessons and blessings we have received from relationships we have had. Also, to challenge experiences we have had in the past and may be experiencing in the present.

The mandala works on all four of our bodies: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. With a patient and regular practise of sitting with ourselves and the Divine Reflection, we transcend our old limitations, let go of the past with love and gratitude and embrace deep peace that all is well within ourselves and our world as we open to a loving compassion for ourselves, we automatically have this gift to share with the world.

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