Meanings of Crystals

Crystals have various healing properties and can be used in certain situations to promote health. This page shows the properties of the crystals used in our pictures.

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Grounding stones which bring about mental, emotional and physical balance. Harmonises the masculine and feminine energies to bring balance and harmony. Assists to heal emotional trauma and brings the courage to start again. 

This stone soothes emotions, alleviates fears and worry and dispels negativity.

This most popular spiritual stone can be used for general healing, enhancing gifts and achieving deeper meditation. It aids with stress and tension calming the mind and raising the spirit. 

A stone to represent brotherhood and peace. It facilitates conscious contact with the angelic realm. A powerful healer, calming the mind and allowing the gateway for more spiritual insight. 

This is a calming stone - it reduces stress and calms the mind. It gives support and courage when you are feeling overwhelmed and clears blocks to communication, promoting self-expression. 

Aventurine (Green)
A positive and uplifting stone, promoting compassion and empathy and encourages perseverance. Helps to stimulate the metabolism and comforts the heart.

Black Tourmaline
An extremely grounding stone. This is a protective stone - used to keep away negativity of all kinds and help with promoting a clear positive attitude.

Blue Lace Agate
A very calming stone, helpful for freely expressing one’s feelings. Provides cool and soothing energy, good for neutralising anger, calming an active mind or bringing peace. 

Calcite (Green)
Aids mental clarity, calms turbulent energies, aids intuition and awareness and very good when undertaking mental change. 

A highly evolved healing stone which helps ground energy, assist concentration and mental focus. Helps you to understand your rhythms and cycles.

Helps you to find new sense of direction and purpose in life. Attracts self-worth and dissolves emotional blocks. Helps bring in prosperity and abundance.

Fuschite (Green)
Teaches true self-worth and understanding of soul growth. Assists redressing energy imbalances especially in the heart chakra. 

Helps improve self-confidence and courage. Increases determination and attracts love. Good for circulatory problems and overall strengthener for body.

Reduces stress and helps combat insomnia. Also said to help increase courage, concentrate your energy and strengthen the heart and blood disorders.

Jasper (Red)
Said to be both invigorating and stabilising and calming for a troubled mind. Beneficial for digestion, stomach problems and blood disorders. 

Kyanite (Blue)
Excellent for calming a busy mind to enhance psychic abilities and the intuition. Promotes healing dreams for those with busy lives. Dispels anger and helps clear blockages creating negativity and conflict.

A mystical and protective stone which shields you from unwanted, negative energies – around you and in your aura.  Stimulates intuition and psychic gifts. A useful crystal to have with you when going through change – imparting strength and perseverance.

This is the Universal ambassador for higher energies in a very gentle way. It amplifies the energy of all other crystals, assists with grounding, lifting and releasing emotions and cleansing the energy field. Each colour Mica represents the colour of the chakra it is assisting to process, transform and heal. 

This is a magical stone for new beginnings. It assists us with the development and enhancement of our intuition – helps calm our emotions so that thoughts and ideas flow.

Obsidian (Black)
A powerful and creative stone. It magnifies all negative energies so that they can be released – including past life healing. A highly protective stone which facilitates the release of old loves and provides support during change.

Assists in helping you to understand your true self by peeling back the illusions and taming the ego. Stabilizes mood swings, purifies the blood and kidneys. Enhances psychic abilities and can induce visions when placed on the crown chakra.

Peacock Ore
A stone of happiness, bringing freshness and newness into your life. Helps you to live in the moment by grounding the energies. Increases perception and intuition and protects you from negativity.

A good anti-toxin gem, cleansing most organs and glands, Can cleanse and heal hurt feelings and mend damaged relationships. Helps release anger positively, opens up blocks to the heart chakra gently.

Quartz Crystal
An excellent healer working on all levels, strengthening, cleansing and protecting. Assists intuition and helps develop all spiritual gifts. 

Helps balance physical and emotional trauma positively. Inspires forgiveness, heals emotional scars and attracts love. 

An emotional balancer, nurturing love and stimulating the heart chakra. Clears away emotional wounds and scars from the past and promotes forgiveness.

Rose Quartz
A healing stone for inner wounds promoting forgiveness, love and friendship. Helps calm emotions, aids headaches and migraines and gives inner peace. The most popular stone used to attract love into your life. 

One of the most powerful healing stones. Calms and clears troubled minds and stabilizes emotions. Helps connections to a higher consciousness when used in meditation. A gateway to the angelic realms. 

Smokey Quartz
An extremely grounding, anchoring  and protective stone. Replaces any negativity with positive thoughts and insights - assisting you to make positive changes to your life. Relieves fears and fears of failure and builds your self confidence. 

A good stone for those prone to be over-sensitive. Helps improve courage and endurance, logical thought and a greater perspective. Reputed to assist in lowering blood pressure and aids sleep.

Used to cleanse, purify and transform dense energies into a lighter vibration. Excellent for balancing and connecting the chakras – promotes self confidence, inspiration, compassion, tolerance and prosperity.

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