DIY Picture Packs

Increase your sensitivity to the healing power of crystals, colours and herbs by creating your own picture/mandala – to use in meditation, for your sacred space or to lift the energy of your home.

The range of ‘DIY’ packs includes the following: Angels, Stars, Butterflies, Sunflowers, Divine Reflection, Divine Union and the 7 different Chakra Swirls. Click here to view and purchase the products.

Each pack comes with all of the ingredients you need to create your own beautiful piece of artwork – a coloured stencilled canvas, herbs, crystals, glue and spatula. All of the herbs and crystals have been infused with the Divine Angelic energies and assist you to become attuned to the mineral and herb kingdom, raising your vibration and increasing your sensitivity to smells, colours and touch. They also come with a pictured instruction leaflet, a description of the pictures symbolic meaning along with each of the crystals and herbs healing properties.

This is a unique gift which will bring pleasure to any creative mind, help those through troubled times or add a personal touch if created for a friend.

Sit down, play some relaxing music and feel the peaceful energies lift and surround you.

You can also request individual tailor-made packs! Just email your requirements - and we will see what we can do!

Picture Packs Instructions Downloads

If you have purchased a picture pack you can download your instruction leaflets here:

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