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Each piece of artwork helps and assists in many ways - as they are not only a piece of art to hang on your wall - but the energies given off from the crystals, herbs and flowers, also assist in many ways.

You may find the image catches your eye - but as you look at the piece, you may find that it is made from the crystal you have been in search of  or looking for for its many benefits.

Each image has a strong symbolic significance - for example, if you are fond of Butterflies, the Butterfly represents transformation and finding your wings. Maybe this is how you feel or maybe what you are or have gone through? Each picture has its own write up - explaining what it represents.

Colour is also a healing therapy alongside the crystals - and so the colours you are drawn to, may also assist you along any healing, spiritual path you may be taking. 

Beautiful, colourful, handmade images to grace your home, sacred space or work place.

  • One off pieces ready to buy. The collection includes Sacred Geometries, Angels, Fairies, Flowers, Power Animals, Tree Of Life, Stars, Butterflies and Hearts. 
  • Can be created for your individual needs - Size, colour, image, crystals, herbs and flowers  of your choice with or without lettering/numbers
  • Create your own picture from one of our easy to follow craft kits – choose from the Butterfly, Angel, Sunflower, Heart,  or Peace sign - or send an email and one can be created individually for you.


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