Chakra Ranges

The Chakra is an energy centre of spiritual power within our body. Energy exists in all things in the known universe - from human beings to the chair that you sit on.

There are seven main Chakras throughout the body where energy is obvious - each one a different colour and each one relating to a different area of the body. They determine to some degree, how you feel. Chakras are like vortices of energy that spin both from the front of our bodies and the back but can become blocked and sluggish at times, therefore making certain aspects of your life or physical body feel the same way. They can also spin too fast and become overactive, this in turn can also cause imbalances on various levels. Therefore, what we strive to achieve is a nicely balanced chakra system so that each energy point is working at its optimum level for us to feel healthy and harmonious in all aspects.

We have created pieces of artwork which will help your chakra system to address any imbalances - using a range of herbs and crystals with the appropriate properties.

We have pictures for full chakra healing, or a range of pictures ie. Angels, Spirals and Butterflies, which will assist the healing of each chakra individually.  

The colours represent the chakras which in turn represent your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual being. Here is a brief overview of each colour/chakra and what they represent:

  • Red / Root Chakra - assisting you to enhance your passion for life, enhance your passion for loving and enhance your passion for living
  • Orange / Sacral Chakra - assisting your creativity for abundance, solutions and joyful expression
  • Yellow / Solar Plexus Chakra - assisting you to increase your personal presence, increase your financial abundance and increase your personal power
  • Green / Heart Chakra - assisting you to find true love, find yourself and find peace
  • Blue / Throat Chakra - assisting you to communicate confidently, communicate creatively and communicate clearly
  • Indigo / Third Eye Chakra - assisting you to open your insight, open your intuition and open your inner vision
  • Purple / Crown Chakra - assisting you to receive wisdom, receive inspiration and receive divine guidance


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