Divine Feminine

The Divine Feminine has for thousands of years been largely ignored except in her mothering aspect. The Goddess or Divine eternal feminine is so much more. She is the creator created from the food we eat to the water we drink, to the ground we walk on and build our homes on. From the beauty of nature, to the oxygen giving trees, our world, our children, our relationships, our future. She is gentle strength, courage, endurance, acceptance, compassion, understanding, nurturing and unconditional love. She speaks directly to our hearts for the need to redress the balance within ourselves, in our homes and in our world. For there to be peace within, we must learn to balance and where necessary, develop the qualities masculine or feminine we need, rather than look externally for another to provide them. We may then fulfil our potential individually and move into Sacred Union with our beloved not from a place of needing another to make us whole, but where two whole beings come together to create and celebrate true love.

It is she who is calling each of us home to our hearts.

She teaches us to love, respect and appreciate ourselves so that we can extend this gift to our loved ones, our colleagues, our community and our world. It is she who is calling each of us home to our hearts. She assists us in clearing our minds and reminds us of who we really are and what we came to do here. She high lights where we may need to let go and allow healing. She encourages us to compassion for ourselves and for those who may have wounded us. She lends us her strength to do what needs to be done. She is grace that passes all understanding she is a miracle maker.

Sit with her and allow her to love you whole.

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